Friday, May 04, 2007

Just The Beginning

The Borders Party under the leadership of Nicholas Watson has won two seats at the Scottish Borders Council. The position is

Conservative - 11
Lib Dems - 10
SNP - 6
Boders Party - 2
Independents - 5

The achievement of the Borders party is amazing. From a standing start to win two seats in an election, which had many problems, is a brilliant achievement. Make no mistake this is the beginning of a new era in not just Borders politics but possibly local government politics in Scotland. If the BP had won just one seat then it could not call itself a party within the SBC; it would effectively be just another independent. With a duo to carry the message of what is right for the Borders, rather than what is right for the big party machines it will be a fascinating four years.

This is just the start - thinking local, and acting local is the new black.


Huttonian said...

Well one the Borders Party. Get them on the Planning Committee

Richard Havers said...

Nicholas Watson would be brilliant. His experience of fighting the 1100 homes within the view of Scot's view will be invaluable!

David Ross said...

Hip hip hooray ! Black is the new Green, and we were all led to believe that lupin blue, lavender, sweetpea juliette and majenta were next seasons colours. Well I ask you, where will it all end ?

Richard Havers said...

Mr Ross, you should know better. Tweed is the once and future black!

Anonymous said...

Mr Ross & Mr Havers, you should both know it is Mac Gregor tartan according to the Kings!

Joking aside, it would be excellent if N Watson gets on the planning committee.

Richard Havers said...

He's from Edinburgh, I'm at least from Sarf London so I plead general ignorance and stupidity!