Friday, May 04, 2007

List Votes

With three of the eight regional list votes declared it's perhaps surprising that the Labour vote has actually increased from 262,313 to 271,276. The share is marginally down from 35.9% to 35.3. Given that this includes Glasgow and Central Scotland perhaps this is not too surprising. The SNP vote has massively increased from 142,539 to 222,095 a jump in share from 19.5% to 28.9%. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives show little change. The big losers are the SSP, a drop close to 60,000 votes. Solidarity (Sheridaninanity) picked up close to 17,000 of these but the rest have almost all gone to the SNP. The Greens have lost close to 15,000 so far, two percentage points on the share.

The implication from the Greens leader is they've been disproportionably hurt by the spoiled papers.

Update. With five regions in the situation is the Labour vote is up with a net gain pf around 25,000 votes, which gives them another 0.1% of the share of the vote. The problem for them remains the fact that the SNP have polled an additional 137,500 votes and increased their share by almost 9.5% of the vote. The fact remains that Labour have still polled almost 50,000 more list votes than the SNP. Both the Tories and the Lib Dems slightly down on the list vote. SSP meltdown continues and the Greens are in freefall too.

There’s little doubt in my mind that the ‘Alex Salmond for First Minister’ listing on the ballot form has had a hugely positive effect on the SNP vote.


Ellee said...

Are the Greens losing out now because their envrionemtnal policies are being taken serioulsy by Lab and Cons?

Richard Havers said...

Exactly Elle, added to which they have kind have worn out the one trick pony element of their campaign.