Friday, May 04, 2007

The End of Socialism As We Know It?

Just how bad did the SSP do in Scotland? Well last time they hoovered up 128,026 votes giving them not far short of 7% of the votes cast. This time they got just 12,731, marginally over half of one per cent. Now we all now that Tommy Sheridan was the acceptable face(are you sure you mean this? - Ed) of the SSP and in his new guise as the Solidarity Party he managed 31,066 votes (1.5%). Therefore putting the two sets of votes together they still only managed 43,797, a shade over 2% and a drop of almost 66%.

Is this the end of Tommy Sheridan? Well I guess if he doesn't get done for perjury he'll still have trouble climbing back out of the hole of his and his left wing loony party friends and enemies own making.

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