Friday, May 04, 2007

The Salmon is Gutted

Listening to Alex Salmond on the BBC Scotland News tonight I was struck by his ability to spin this election result his way. Well he would wouldn't he? He said Scotland had voted for a wind a change to blow through the political arena. Of course by definition this means independence. Yet less than a third of the population voted for the SNP, the only major pro independence party in Scottish politics. Well over half of the rest of the population voted for one of the other three, pro-unionist, parties. In crude terms this says Scotland does not want independence and while the vote for the SNP was, on the face of it, a vote for an independent Scotland it was as much as anything a vote for giving Labour a kick.

Clearly a vote for the Lib Dems wasn't going to achieve that, they were part of the constipated coalition. A vote for the Tories would mean people having to hold their breath, cross their fingers, and say the equivalent of three political Hail Mary’s. The SNP was the only way to register a vote for change from the present administration. Even so around 30,000 more people voted for Labour this time than last time - so what does that tell you?

I was struck watching Sarah Boyack, Derek Brownlee and Tavish Scott on Channel 4 News just how much more fun it would be for their three parties to join forces. The will of the Scottish people is not in favour of what Alex Salmond is peddling, the will is for the Union. As Sarah Boyack said, just how much of this parliament’s time is going to be taken up with Alex and the SNP picking fights with London.

If I were the Tories I'd do a deal with Labour and the Lib Dems. I'd shaft the Salmon. Screw his protestations about the people having spoken. They haven't spoken in his favour. It's a missed opportunity for the SNP – they’ll never be in this position again. For all the Salmon’s bluster he must be gutted.


David Ross said...

Stop Press: Best fly for salmon catching is "tosh"

Meme: an information pattern, held in an individual's memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual's memory. Was your father (or mother) a Tory ?

Chaos Theory: The flapping of a single politician's rhetoric today produces a tiny change in the state of the political arena. Over a period of time, what the public actually thinks diverges from what it would have thought. So, in a period of time, a political scenario emerges that would have devastated the voters view (Iraq) doesn't happen. Or maybe one that wasn't going to happen, does.

Multum in parvo.

james higham said...

Well written, Richard.