Saturday, April 18, 2009

Owl Watch is Back

For several weeks now Mrs H. has been worrying about her owls and whether or not they would return to the nest that they used last year, which is in full view of the house. The nest has been extended with a patio to stop the young owlets falling off. Well, there was near jubilation in the house this week when at dusk she saw an owl fly at low level down the lane on a hunting trip. Yesterday she saw an owl drop on a mouse early in the evening and this morning we both watched an owl hunting. Rubbish pictures taken through our bathroom window, with its 100 year old panes of glass, but at least its proof!


18.20 Saturday. Mrs H. just saw the owl go into the owl box. He must be feeding his mate on the nest.


sally in norfolk said...

most mornings on my way to work i see a barn owl, sometimes it flys down the side of the road which iam driving along and it makes a magnificent sight :-)

CherryPie said...

That is great news, I was wondering if they would be back :-)

r morris said...

That's exciting. Hello to you both.