Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patrick Harvie Proves He's a Twit

I'd not normally bother having a look at the Twitterpades of Green MSP Patrick Harvie, but given the stories of him twittering while sitting at dinner with Gordon Brown, Alex Salmond et al this week I couldn't help myself. There has been general condemnation of Harvie twittering throughout the dinner and it prompted him to write to the Scotsman to say.

"This is the first time in my life that I've been chastised by an 'etiquette guru', whatever that means." In his letter, Mr Harvie suggests that Mr York and other critics were just out of date. "Being only vaguely aware that such people existed, I am very grateful to you (The Scotsman] for securing the services of an etiquette guru to comment on my Twitter habit."

It's bloody obvious that sitting there on such an occasion twiddling with your blackberry, or whatever it is he uses, under the table is just bad manners. His justification of his actions really does make you feel that we are being governed by idiots. His sarcasm towards the notion of an etiquette guru is not unreasonable yet Mr Harvie on his twitter pages asked this question about a month ago.

"Wondering whether it's bad etiquette to post the same update to Facebook and Twitter"

So he's clearly someone who is concerned with etiquette in general. Other twitter entries reveal a man who has some interesting takes on his life and being an MSP as well as his relationship with those that follow him on the social networking site - there are 108 of them.

Trapped on a train next to a fat couple making out.
11:47 AM Apr 2nd from mobile web

Was it a gay or straight couple?

It's twelve o'clock, it's Holyrood, it's the deja vu show!
4:12 AM Mar 26th from mobile web

I thought it was his job. . .

Why the fuck can't this country run trains properly? I know, don't answer...
3:23 PM Mar 19th from mobile web

Most of his comments are pretty predictable fare from a Green MSP, but the idea that they we shall ever have the chance of judging their ability to run the trains is of course never going to be tested. . .thank goodness.

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James said...

I think it's a generational thing. Old fogeys worry about someone sending a text while others are engaged in dull conversation. Young people worry they'll get politicians who'll try to send them "an internet" through "a series of tubes".