Saturday, April 18, 2009

Labour Gone For A Generation...

The story in the News of the World on Sunday about Labour's General Secretary being fully involved in the Red Rag web site and now the Sunday Times breaking the story that Ed Balls has been 'running' McBride come as yet more seismic shocks for Labour and Gordon Brown.

You will need to the read the full shocking details for yourself, but suffice to say. Is it any wonder that things in this country are the way they are? Government ministers are so busy sniping at each other that they are too preoccupied to run the country. Of course they all see the writing on the wall for Labour who are hopelessly out of touch and will be out of office as soon as there's an election. The SNP will decimate Labour in Scotland; the Tories in England, which means Labour will be gone for a generation. . .at least.

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New Labour FML