Monday, April 06, 2009

Gordon Brown Speaks Out on Second Homes Row?

"Something must be done about the iniquitous arrangements by which senior cabinet ministers are claiming massive benefits on second homes while living in grace and favour properties supplied at the taxpayers expense. Hard working families in Britain need to know that we feel their pain, that we share that pain, and are not out of touch; we aim to take action on this issue as soon as possible. As Prime Minister, I, of course, don't do any such thing as cheating the system, I am above all that kind of thing. Neither do I accept that I'm now making this statement because the cat is out of the bag and I'm being forced into it by public opinion. I've always felt it immoral and it's evidence of greed from MPs of all parties, who work the system to their advantage, while increasing the burden upon the state. However, what am I to do? I have been totally unaware things like this are going on in parliament, even when I was Chancellor. Neither was I aware that it was an issue with the public at large because none of my cabinet colleagues have brought the matter to my attention. Now that I am aware I will put in place a parliamentary review to come up with an alternative scheme that will help to realign the collective moral compass of Parliament. This review will be conducted by a select group of MPs chaired by a minister who will I am sure act promptly and in the best interest of MPs."

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