Monday, April 06, 2009

New Blog Banner and St Andrews

Mrs H. and I were driving home from a lovely weekend in St Andrews with Mr & Mrs K. and stopped to take the photo in the banner of this typical Lammermuirs spring scene. Hefted sheep on the hills and the burning of the heather.

On a Sunday there's no golf played on the famous Old Course at St. Andrews. people are free to walk it and so we did, all the way out on the front nine and back on the back nine. It was a glorious, but breezy day. It's well worth doing if you are interested in golf or not as you get some great views on the first 9 holes as you approach the water at the around holes 7 and 8. Coming back you get this famous view of the R & A Golf Club (the building on the far left) and a property (the dark red building on the right) that is currently standing empty but it would make a wonderful boutique hotel or apartments. The American owner of the property had intended converting it into a luxury time share in which a two week stay was going to cost something more than the Panamanian national debt – the developer has gone bankrupt.


CherryPie said...

Sounds like a fun day out, I love the banner :-)

Richard Havers said...

Taken by Mrs H. out of the car window!