Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big Trouble in the Granite City

I have to admit that I've not been following the current disaster that is Aberdeen City Council too closely. I'm unaware of how precisely they got themselves into their current plight but I do know that they are currently trying to cutback expenditure by £27 million and that many people seem to object to the goings on - their anger is directed at both councillors, recently the Chief Executive of the council stood down. Having seen the former Chief Executive interviewed on the TV I cannot say he's been very impressive.

Today the leader of the Lib Dem/SNP coalition Kate Deans appeared on the television and talked of the collective responsibility of ALL councillors for the current mess. She said "I think every councillor in Aberdeen is responsible for the situation that we're in now. The team that I lead are not only accepting the responsibility but are wishing to stay in place to see this through." Now forgive me for saying this but surely the Lib Dem/SNP is responsible for the mess that the council finds itself in, not every councillor. Since when are those in opposition suddenly responsible for such things? Having seen Ms Deans on the TV I have to say I'm not surprised there's a problem. If that's the best that Aberdeen can throw up as a council leader then clearly there's little wonder there's a problem.

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Anonymous said...

The reason why every party shares blame is because they have all been in poer in recent years. The SNP are the least blameworthy as they have inheritted the mess. God knows why they went into coalition!