Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Supplement

Out of Ozzy Osborne, Debbie Harry, Marianne Faithfull and Iggy Popp, who is the oldest? It’s Ms Harry, Ozzy just looks the oldest.

Richie Blackmore who was in Deep Purple and light comedy actor Paul Nicholas were both in Screaming Lord Sutch’s Savages

Cliff and Elvis have both had well over a hundred hit singles in the UK. Their nearest rival is Elton John who is slowly catching up but is never likely to overhaul them. The band with the most hit singles is perhaps surprising but then again not. It’s Status Quo.

Frank Sinatra’s My Way is still the song that has spent most weeks on the UK singles chart – over 2 years!

The Beatles, Queen, Elvis, Dire Straits occupy the top four positions for the weeks spent on the UK album charts. You’ll maybe surprised to know that the Stones only scrape into the top 20 at No.18.

Pub Quiz time and if you were asked which album spent the most weeks at No.1 in the UK you might say Bridge Over Troubled Waters or you might say The Sound of Music but it was actually South Pacific.

The Walker Brothers, Simon Dupree and The Big Sound, Oasis, The Bellamy Brothers, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys and Bros, which is the odd one out? (See the comments for the answer)

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Richard Havers said...

The Walker Brothers is the only band not to contain any Brothers