Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gordon Brown's Obituary

Channel 4's Where Did It All Go Wrong about Gordon Brown's premiership was the Prime Minister's obituary. Whatever he does from here on in he's permanently damaged goods, he has not the leadership skills needed to extricate himself from the mess of his own making. The fact that cabinet ministers agreed to appear on the programme is astonishing, surely they're not that daft? They made comments that indicated they knew where the programme was heading and seemed to fully support it. The programme indicated that our great Chancellor of the Exchequer was not the swiftest in the water which is why Brown has him in the job. Mr. Darling then confirmed it by saying , "If I knew now what I knew then," about why he'd introduced the 10p tax rate.

What's most interesting of all was the fact that the Milibands, Mr and Mrs Balls and Purnell were nowhere to be seen. I wonder why?

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bigrab said...

I think it all started going downhill when, on the back of his magnificent organisation of the Scottish election, Gordon appointed wee Dougie Alexander as his spokesman.