Monday, July 09, 2007

Not One Scoop, But Two!

I know it's that time of year when things are becoming a bit on the slow side on the political news front so thank God we have celebrity news aplenty. Over an action packed weekend we had the tennis, we had T in the Park, we had the Live Earth concert, and there was the British anti-climax at Silverstone. One of the guests at the race was Natasha Beddingfield (she's a singer btw). According to the Sun this morning - in a world wide exclusive (their words not mine) - something amazing happened.

"It's hardly the fussiest of demands but NATASHA BEDINGFIELD proved she was a cool customer at the British Grand Prix - by sending a waitress to fetch her an ice-cream cone. Spies tell me that while the VIP hospitality tent only had posh sorbet, Nat decided she'd rather have two scoops leaving one poor sole (sic) to trudge to another tent and bring back the dessert. Still, friendly Nat was more than happy to pose for pictures with fans and waiting staff in return."

It certainly wins the award for the most pathetic celeb story of not just the year, but the century to date. Imagine a waitress having to walk to 'another tent to bring back the ice cream'. I'm in shock, not at the story but at the depths to which we have sunk.


r morris said...

It's a sad world when people like this get so much media attention while the people who really make a difference are considered boring.
If Paris Hilton were to forego one gold-lame' doggie sweater with diamond collar for her pet, some family in Africa could eat for a year.

Richard Havers said...

If Paris Hilton were just to go, it would be better still :)