Monday, July 09, 2007

Amazing Journey

The Who are finishing up their world tour tonight in Helsinki, Finland. It's forty years, almost to the day, that they first toured America Рthey were 'special guests' for Herman's Hermits. Bit of a clich̩ but I bet Roger and Pete are glad they didn't die before they got old. Sadly one who did was their brilliant drummer Keith Moon.

On the last night of the tour in Hawaii with Herman's Hermits topping the bill, The Who, who were keen practical jokers, having already played their set were stood in the wings to watch Peter Noone's boys go through their paces. When they got to the end of their last number, Henry the VII, drummer, Barry Whitwam’s kit exploded. The Who, led by Keith Moon, and their roadies had used some left over pyros and gunpowder and wired it up and set it off just as Whitwam hit the skins at the end of the song.


r morris said...

Great story. I would have liked to have seen that.
The WHO's latest album 'Endless Wire' has some really good stuff on it. The Boys still have it.

Richard Havers said...

You're right about Endless Wire, my friend Richard Evans designed the cover. He designed Blues Odyssey & Most of Rolling With The Stones

r morris said...

Great minimalist cover. Kind of reminds me of James Taylor's 'FLAG' album.

r morris said...

I recognize the Robert Plant covers. Very nice.