Sunday, July 08, 2007

Where There's CO2 There's Brass

Carbon offset schemes are on the increase and they'll probably be a boom in them following this weeks Live Earth concerts - why do I find Al Gore so unbelievable? One already set up here in Scotland offers people the chance to go online and fill out a questionnaire, as they will then tell you what is your carbon footprint. You open a 'carbon account' and you can purchase 'carbon credits' for just £12 per tonne of CO2 you generate. The money is invested in projects which reduce emissions through increased energy efficiency, avoid carbon emissions or capture carbon in newly planted forestry schemes, which have been independently verified as genuine. The credits are purchased in projects in developing countries which have not signed the international Kyoto protocol on tackling climate change and which have no targets to reduce their carbon emissions.

Somehow it all seems so trite, so green is the new black, so like all those plastic shopping bags people stood in line for a couple of months ago, so much like appeasing ones guilt and then popping off on another cheap weekend to Prague or wherever. Co2 offsets are the new dot com boom.


Sue said...

I wonder if the BBC have signed up yet for such a scheme? Surely they will need to off-set all the carbon emissions caused by the movement of their News readers from London to varous points around the country and the world to report on "News breaking stories" instead of making use of their "local" reporters.

r morris said...

I thought Gore's movie was quite good. He is tackling a very important issue in a thoughtful way.

No comment on the carbon footprint stuff. I'm probably as guilty as anybody, though I do drive a 22-year-old Honda that gets better mileage than all the new hybrids.

The best way to reduce one's carbon footprint is not to reproduce, thus eliminating all those future polluters. Too late for me on that one, too.

Sorry, Al.

Delicolor said...

There is a sniff of the multi-level marketing scheme about it.

"Make money now- tell me how..."

Carbon trading is the new Amway?

PAULB said...

You don't suppose Global Warming might have anything to do with The Sun then? (Like fluctuations in solar activity that caused past ice ages followed by tropical climes)? No not the tabloid! (Or is it...?). Sorry - not fashionable! No money for me then (again)!