Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tony Blair Told Us A Lie

"If I am elected I would serve a full third term. I do not want to serve a fourth term." September 2004

"Tony Blair last night reshaped the landscape of British politics by announcing that he will fight the coming general election and, if re-elected, serve a full third term as prime minister, but stand down before the likely election of 2009" Michael White, The Guardian 1 October 2004

Of course it all changed after the 50 or so Labour MPs engineered a 'coup' prior to the last party conference, which forced TB to say he would go before the 2007 Labour Party Conference.

According to John Reid in 2004 he had no doubts about Mr Blair's intention to stay in Downing Street, "God and the electorate willing"

Well as far as I know God has not spoken on the matter, unless he did privately to Tony, and we the electorate voted for the Labour Party on the premise that it would be TB serving a full term. Of course it's all change and now we have Gordon Brown as the next PM, on the say so of 308 Labour MPs - probably over 10% of which came from Scotland. Now I know politics is a funny old business and people speak out of both sides of their mouths but I feel cheated.

According to Gordon Brown. "In the weeks and months ahead, my task is to show I have the new ideas, the vision and the experience to earn the trust of the British people." This from a man who "accepts that mistakes have been made." We don't have a clear idea of what GB intends to do over the next couple of years but whatever it is we didn't vote for it, we were not consulted and we have little or no say in how things will shape up. Nor do we really know what his new ideas are. If this handover of power had happened in one of many countries around the world it would have been seen in terms of a 'coup'.

In short Tony Blair itold a lie and Gordon Brown is part of the problem, whatever he says and however he tries to distance himself from past mistakes. If the rumours are true and Tony Blair also steps down as an MP in a matter of weeks what will he do? Become a Clintonesque figure that travels the world and speaks out on issues that interest him? It clearly won't be climate because Al Gore has cornered that market. It will surely be about peace, probably in the Middle East, but will anyone believe him or take any notice given that he has been behind some of what is going wrong. And when all said and done, whatever he decides to do he still told a lie.


Ken from glos said...

Good article and I agree.But with this lot its always the same..

New Labour New Lies.

Can you do us a favour and take Brown back?

Ellee said...

I can't make any sense of this either. Can't see Brown going down a storm, but why did we have to foul up over grammar schools?