Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big Brother is Watching Us

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) has selected the VisionWare MultiVue Identification Server to provide the Council with a single, consolidated view of its citizens by creating a MultiVue-based Corporate Client Index which stores the Citizen Account. The SBC has chosen MultiVue in order to help them achieve a holistic view of their citizen data which is currently spread across many disparate business systems. The project will enable the Council to consolidate their data that is currently stored across various different systems This will address the various issues currently being experienced by the Council, including no real single consolidated view of a person and the services they receive, potential duplicate entries on many of the systems, and the possibility of keying errors being made during manual updates. Stewart Meldrum, Project Manager at Scottish Borders Council said “Over time we have purchased and developed many different systems with the objective of collecting and storing particular citizen data, however this has never been part of an integrated strategy. MultiVue will give us the ability to bring all of this fragmented data together so that we know who the Citizen is, where they live and what they are entitled to.”

All sounds rather big brother like to me, well at least his little nephew at Scottish Borders Council.

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