Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Just when I thought Alex Salmond was handling himself rather well, not doing the gloating nationalist, he says to the BBC interviewer in answer to a question about his audience with the queen. "Yes I shall be going to see Elizabeth, Queen of Scots." It's not just the words he used but also the self-conscious way, somewhat bumptious way in which he said them. Commentators seem to think that the SNP's leader has done a good job in presenting himself as a changed man. It will be interesting to see how long it is before his foot lines up with his own gun sight.


Gus A said...

I find it hilarious that people keep going on about him being smug. he just won the election, cant he be pleased?

Also the Labour Party were driven from office largely because they displayed an institutional arogance believing themeselves to ave a right to rule in Scotland.


Richard Havers said...

Gus, smug does not a leader make. I think it's a flaw in his character that may well be his undoing long term. But, we shall see!

doctorvee said...

The problem with Alex Salmond is that he was always smug even when he didn't win an election.

Richard Havers said...

Doc, that's a good point.