Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Poster Placement & Polling

On my debut as a poster putter upper I found out something startling, well moderately interesting anyway. The plastic ties used to attach the posters to the poles don't fit around telegraph polls very easily, they are better suited to lamp posts - hence the unseemly rush and often over crowding to be found on our rural lamp posts. Another factor is the placement of the posters to get maximum impact, that is to say not on a pole where cars are speeding up. Height, angle and obscuration (an interesting American use of the verb - to obscure) by blossom also plays a part.

So complex is this subject of poster postioning that I think there may be a market for a book on the subject prior to the general election. It's the sort of thing that might become a political 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves'. In the meantime I'm off to Coldstream to distribute leaflets this morning; I'll report back as to how this part of my electioneeing edication goes.

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Delicolor said...

Leeds don't allow election signage on street furniture so it is telegraph poles and pikes round here.