Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If Politics Were Bras

Gordon Broon has revealed that Robbie Coltrane, the actor who plays Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, Archie McPherson, the football commentator, Michael Shea, the Queen's former press secretary, and Muriel Gray, the broadcaster, were among 17 Scots revealed to be backing Labour.

Oh PLEASE! As if these people know any better than the rest of us. Has he asked Kylie who she backs? How about Angelina? The list also includes Michelle Mone, the bra entrepreneur - now Labour need an uplift in the polls but I'm not sure she's the one to do it. If politics were bras then the SNP are a 38dd and Labour a 32a.


David Ross said...

Richard, I think you may have lost some people here. Not everyone (including myself) will understand how to calculate a Bra size... there is a website that offers a calculator for assistance:

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Ewen Bruce said...

Labour is so wedded to the cult of celebrity they just assume the rest of us are too. sadly, in the case of a large proportion of the population, they're probably right.

Personally speaking, I'm not so gullible (but if I find out who Kylie is voting for you can be damn sure I'll be voting the same way....).

I'm desperately trying to avoid the temptation to refer to political parties as large or small t*ts in response to your post, so I won't, because it would be cheap and juvenile.

p.s. Joke is the biggest one in Scottish Politics. 40HH I’d say.

Damn. I have no self control. ;-)