Sunday, May 13, 2007

Celebrity Blathering

There's an interview with Sean Connery in Scotland on Sunday. It says. "The actor reveals he has been giving post-election advice to SNP leader and likely new First Minister Alex Salmond and suggests he has already become a roving ambassador for Scotland. But on the issue of a return to the land of his birth, Connery remains as enigmatic as ever."

Why do they waste time on this stupid man? If there's one thing I agree with Gordon Brown on it's the need to remove the cult of celebrity from politics.

He reserves one of his most stupid outbursts for the independence referendum. "When you get to the crossroads in 2010, they [the SNP] might not even need a referendum, it would be so obvious that they want to run alone. The issue is that I do not think the UK is a United Kingdom. I think it is not a democracy, it is not equal, that's the problem." So the SNP may get an increased number of seats in the next election, but it will be far from a majority vote. Connery needs to understand a little more about democracy.

It's so daft all this. Perhaps they should do a roundup of the views of a number of ex-milkmen across Scotland and see what they have to say on the subject. It has about as much relevance as a man who doesn't even want to live in Scotland but is happy to tell people what to do. He's a hypocrite who should give us all a break.

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