Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cherie Pie In The Sky

On Andrew Marr’s TV show this morning Mathew D'Ancona, the editor of the Spectator, and Baroness Helena Kennedy (Labour peer) were reviewing the papers. Apart from the sycophantic Nu-Lab speak from the Baroness there was one exchange that was amazing. All three of them agreed that when Cherie got free of No.10 she would at last be able to voice her opinions, having been shackled by her husband's position. Now I must have been missing something here but hasn't she been travelling around the world lecturing for money, chairing meetings at No.10 and generally being the gobby woman we have (mostly) all come to dislike?

At the end of the show with the Baroness, D'Acona and GB all on the couch together the Spectator's editor was asked what GB should do when he became PM. The Editor gave some wimpy answer about it being good news that eco-towns were being created. I was about to renew my Spectator subscription. I'll have to think again if this is the best that the Editor can come up with. He looked overwhelmed.


james higham said...

Not officially, Richard.

Richard Havers said...

Is that officially chairing the meetings? Even so she has wielded immense influence behind the scenes and out front too.