Monday, April 30, 2007

We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Not content with saying Scotland could leave the Union, the Salmon is now saying. "If Gordon becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and I become the First Minister of Scotland - if that's what the people judge in Scotland - then I'll be anxious to co-operate where we can because I think there's a whole range of issues where co-operation would be the best way forward. We can establish good things for the people of Scotland."

Is there nothing he is not prepared to say? This is the same man who said the SNP was going to war with Westminster and they would deliberately pick fights. Now we all expect politicians to say one thing and mean, or do, another, but even by the low standards we've all become used to this is daft. As the ol' saying goes. I suspect we ain't seen nothing yet. So long in opposition, so used to tearing the playhouse down I'm doubtful of their ability to lead, with positive and practical ideas.

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