Sunday, April 29, 2007

Double Talk

On GMTV this morning when asked if an independent Scotland could in the future go back to being part of the UK, Alex Salmond said: "Any nation can do whatever it pleases. It can vote to become independent and it can vote if it so chooses to become un-independent, that's the prerogative of a nation and Scotland, of course, is a nation. It's a country - it has the right of self-determination. So no, it's not a one-way street, theoretically a country could do that."

On the surface all very fine but it certainly smacks of speaking out of both sides of his mouth - simultaneously.


PAULB said...

For the past 25 years I've lived in Lincolnshire, but at heart I remain what the locals call a "Yorkie" - a WEST Yorkie in fact! And proud of it. Can relate to your annoyance. Maybe we need to recreate an extended version of the ancient Kingdom of "Northumbria"! Those south easterners cannot take a bit of snow or a small earthquake! PaulB.

Fitaloon said...

The SNP talking with a forked tongue, surely not. So when the Independence "Trial" has failed they can just go back to being part of the UK. I have a feeling others might have something to say on that. The terms of rejoining UK plc might be a little tricky.