Sunday, April 08, 2007

Grasping the nettle of virtual reality politics.

I've been having a wander around the web to see which politicians are bloging and what they have to say. Most are as you would expect, on message and off and running. All except Lorna Bett the SSP candidate on Mid Scotland & Fife. Someone needs to tell Ms Bett that a blog needs to be kept up if it is going to be of any use in getting her elected.

As of today's date there are six posts, the latest being March 22nd and that concerned the Hustings in Crieff on March 7th - TWO WEEKS earlier. If you can be bothered you can read her blog HERE

I'll be checking on others over the course of the next few weeks to see what they have to say - or not if they're anything like Lorna Bett's. On her election statement Ms Bett says "I am pro-independence and particularly interested in what is happening in Latin America. "


Huttonian said...

I wish our local candidates in East Berwickshire would blog-or indeed do anything to explain something about themselves

Richard Havers said...

I'd be impressed if we even knew who was standing! We've had a visit from the Tory candidate for Mid Bewrwickshire but no one else - not even a glossy brochure.