Sunday, April 08, 2007

See Ann Canary Threatens To Return

So, according to the front page of the Scottish Sunday Times Sean Connery has said he will return to live in Scotland after independence (always assuming it happens). Is this a threat or a promise? It's really pretty laughable that this even makes the front page, but then again so wedded are we to the whole cult of celebrity that some people actually think this matters. I've never been to keen on the whole idea of people who chose to live elsewhere and then tell us what's best for us - it always smacks of hypocrisy to me.

I suspect I may be in the minority here, given that people identify with Sean as the greatest of all Bonds (a notion to which I concur), but he's ACTING, that's not really him. When all is said and done what can we expect when politics is reduced to sound bites, media manipulation and the triumph of fluff over substance.


r morris said...

An American's viewpoint follows.

Basically, most politicians any more are little more than mouthpieces. Note I use the word politician and not statesman. That's about all we have in the States. The leaders go through the motions but their handlers write their speeches, shape their message, write their books (as alluded to in your blog of yesterday), and tell them what they should do. Case in point, Karl Rove, whose goal was to make the US into a one-party system and who was willing to violate the system as unethically as necessary to do so.

So I guess my question is, how much worse could Sean be than the rest of 'em?

Pardon my cynicism. I started out as an idealist--really I did--and reality has been cruel. I remain hopeful that perhaps divine intervention will send us people of intellect, character and courage to lead us.

Richard Havers said...

Great post Rob!

Despite my advancing years - my God I'm late middle aged! - I hang onto my idealism and really do believe that people can make a difference. I think that's why I blog.

We should all try and make a difference every day. When I was at school I for a moment thought of being a teacher - I quickly realised that without any qualifications that was a non-starter. However, the great thing about blogging is not to teach but hopefully to make people think. I've come to realise that the best teachers I had were the ones that made me think, not those who tried to either beat it into me or do learning by rote.

r morris said...

Deep down, Richard, I remain hopeful. My cynicism exists mainly with regards to politics. And your comment about teaching is right on. Writing is a form of teaching. My best instructors on all subjects have been writers and my best academic classes existed between the pages of books.

One of the main reasons I've taught for 22 years is that I do think we can individually make a difference, and that the good we do is compounded through the better lives of those we touch. And yes--it's vital to try to get kids to think about their lives rather than just living them. With the new emphasis in the States on standardized testing, there is less time to do this type of teaching. It's tending toward a rote curriculum. Very sad.
Your blog makes me think and I appreciate reading it each day--kind of like getting another newspaper. Keep it up!

Ewen Bruce said...

Ah, good old Sir Sean. How would Scotland survive without him? I’m more than happy to take my political direction from a man who starred in a few good movies thirty years ago, a lot of ropey ones since, and loves Scotland so much he hasn’t lived here for as long as anyone can remember. Ok, so he’s never held political office, has no relevant qualifications that we know of but, hey, he has a beard and a deep voice; surely that should be enough to at least qualify him as FishFace Salmon’s deputy? I don’t think the ‘cult of celebrity’ thing really applies to Sean anyway; way back when he was famous nobody cared too much about celebrities. Now they do, and he isn’t one.

r morris said...

Ewen, point taken. I know nothing about Sean Connery (except that he is an actor), and also know nothing about Scottish politics. But assuming he would become a mouthpiece, a hood ornament, what-have-you, could he not do so as well as any other hack?
I put forth as evidence Exhibit One--A guy who acted in terrible movies in the 1930's and 1940's and went on to a substantive career in politics--Ronald Reagan. Love him or hate him, the man changed America.
Exhibit Two--the man who runs an American state the size of most countries (California-Population 28 million). How did he get his start? He vas der Terminator--Arnold Schwartzenegger.
So my question--why not brainwash Sean Connery to a certain political position and then use him as the poster boy of the campaign?

Richard Havers said...

Thanks Rob. Writing it is a good stimulus, getting comments is a spur!

Richard Havers said...

Ewen, great post!