Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Buttered Not Bruised

All this talk about independence and the Salmon telling England that they should be glad of impending Scottish independence as it will save them from being bossed around by MPs from north o' the border raises an important question in my mind. Will we at last be able to buy Scottish butter at a price below that of posh French butter. I have asked the manager in Sainsbury's in Straiton on a number of occasions why Scottish butter is the most expensive in the shop - particularly as it's made just down the road in Lockerbie. The short answer is that it has to travel from Lockerbie 'down sarf' somewhere, from where it is then redistributed back to Scotland, and elsewhere. It's also something to do with Saisbury's 'common pricing policy' or some other daft term. If independence leads to cheaper Scottish butter then bring it on.

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