Monday, April 09, 2007

Picture in the Sunday Times

I've just had my first picture printed in a newspaper, it was a full page and the Sunday Times at that! It was used to illustrate an article about Bill Wyman's love of metal detecting in the area around his house in Suffolk. You can read it HERE

I've just noticed that they've cleverly placed a shadow on the left hand bottom half of the photo to accentuate both the house and Bill. The one on the right is my original, when you click on the link above it will show you their 'doctored' photo. Damn clever people in the papers. Makes you wonder what we can believe in photographs.

1 comment:

r morris said...

Very clever photo editing. I'm not certain it improves the photo, but what do I know?
This sounds like a fun hobby. It would not fly well in Idaho as there wasn't anybody here with metal more than 135 years ago.