Monday, March 26, 2007

The Scottish Elections - Does it Matter?

In Yesterday's Scotland on Sunday there's an article that says Gordon Broon is going to save the Union by personally involving himself in the election campaign for the Scottish Parliament (May 3rd). This to me is a high risk strategy for him, but if he pulls it off then he'll go from zero to hero.

With the forthcoming elections we are faced with a dilemma. It seems to come down to on the one hand it's more of Six Pack and on the other it's The Salmon - both have considerable downsides. In the case of McConnell his clear lack of leadership has produced little in the way of groundbreaking policies. Then again he's at the mercy of what his bosses in London want. With Labour in power in both places it makes for an uncomfortable scenario. It would arguably be better if we had a Tory UK government and Labour in power in Holyrood. Then again, what if we have a Labour UK Parliament and the SNP in Scotland - equally interesting, but very definitely a step into the unknown.

I'm impressed with AS, and LN has always done a good job in parliament and on the TV. However, I just worry about the SNP’s strength in depth, their ability to step up to the big jobs.

The bottom line is I'm not keen on Labour with JM, I'm unsure about the SNP with AS in charge, clearly the Conservatives are no-hopers and I'm definitely against the wishy-washy Lib Dems and the arrogant Nicol Stephens. There's a little bit of me that thinks that if the Lib Dems can get it right they might surprise people who are swithering. Horrible thought.

In the end I think we're going to get the SNP as the biggest party, and we have to hope they can get their act together PDQ, although until, and if, there is a breakaway from the UK then does it even matter?

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