Monday, March 26, 2007

Wind Farm Pick 'N' Mix

There's a letter in the Scotsman this morning from Jason Ormiston who is the Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, up until recently he was their PR guy and has been a regular letter writer to the Scotsman and a brilliant provider of countless opportunities to respond.

Before walking the dogs a letter to the Scotsman was called for in response to his.

No wonder the Duke of Buccleuch, like me and probably many others, is confused if Jason Ormiston's letter is supposed to explain how long it takes to recoup the carbon emissions caused by the manufacture of wind farms. Mr. Ormiston blithely suggests some bedtime reading and then goes onto talk about emissions being "embodied in the energy used for manufacture." Added to which the "the mix of energy used will dictate the amount of embodied emissions in the production of any wind turbine or project." This is just typical of an industry that deliberately tries to confuse and confound because they cannot dare to speak the truth.

The fact is that on shore wind turbines are increasingly seen for the scam they are, and not "a cost-effective and significant contribution to the fight against climate change." Rather tellingly Mr. Ormiston then says, "If we start to pick and choose our technologies, nothing will ever be done." This is the first admission I've ever heard from the renewable industry that there are better solutions out there than wind farms. Of course on shore wind farms are far from cost effective when you look at the vast subsidies being paid to developers and landowners.

Finally Mr. Ormiston says, "Scotland is the windiest country in Europe and presents us with a fantastic opportunity to not just help tackle climate change but also benefit Scotland's economy." It is also one of the most beautiful countries and this continuing headlong uncontrolled, pick 'n' mix approach to where wind farms are sited is ruining vast swathes of our country. If you don't believe me ask Scottish Natural Heritage, The RSPB, The Scottish Ramblers and all sorts of other groups who are at last seeing the light. Who knows even VisitScotland may soon have something to say if the rumours of their survey findings are true. The losses for our tourism are potentially catastrophic.

We are all being conned by the on shore wind industry, partly because there's so much money at stake. The profits from wind farms, through the subsidies this stupid government is paying, is what's causing many of the problems. Who is going to look at ways to save energy with as much verve as those who are trying to make it so that we can keep buying it.

The more energy we use the more the government take in VAT. It's something that they seem unwilling to admit to.

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Neil Craig said...

Interesting point about the extra VAT. I think we should be buiding new nuclear reactors, almost certainly by moving the fence round Hunterson & Torness back 110 yds. With inlimited amounts of radioactives in the Earth there is no intrinsic reason, other than not givining the government VAT, why there is anything wrong with using power.

On the other hand if we don't replace our present reactors it is going to get cold.