Monday, March 26, 2007

Bad Joke Day

It was a bad day for Six Pack. On a TV interview this afternoon he said. "We want people in Scotland to take the SNP seriously; the SNP could win this election." Rarely can the SNP have had such a ringing endorsement from their main opposition.

Add to that the fact that Patricia Stewitt managed to forget his name in an interview - Jack Macdonall she called him. She even manage to laugh about it.

The fact is no one at Westminster has, until very recently, seen the Joke, but all of a sudden with the possibility of an SNP victory looming large they've hit the panic button. Blair is talking about saving the Union, which is all a bit premature given the fact that even if the SNP win it's still a long way from the people saying that Scotland should be independent.

The SNP are being very clever in speaking out of both sides of their mouths. Yes there will be a referendum, but no one should assume that independence is a done deal. It's a vote for us, there's no need to worry strategy.

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