Tuesday, June 09, 2009

60,493,912 of us are marching to the beat of one man with 24,278 'friends'

So let's get this straight. Gordon Brown, a man elected to serve his constituency in Fife by 24,278, who then becomes Prime Minister in some kind of stitch-up with Tony Blair wants change. He's a man who has brought into government as his de facto No.2 someone who has been disgraced twice and continues to show little more than contempt for everyone who comes into contact with him. He's also a man who has added more unelected people to his front bench than any Prime Minister in living memory. This is the man who is now proposing electoral reform of our democracy. It's bloody staggering!

You'll pardon me for being somewhat sceptical of his reasons. At best he's looking for ways to deflect yet more criticism of his patched up government. At worst he's trying to save his own skin. In fact everything that Gordon Brown does is about 'me', not about the country and the people he constantly claims to serve. Naturally to do a job like PM you have to have a highly, a very highly, developed ego. It seems like we have a man who is so convinced of his own rightness that he does not tolerate dissent, is prepared to sell his soul (to Mandelsdon, if not the Devil) and who is more focused on himself than the job he has to do. Despite all the talk of getting on with the job all he has succeeded in doing is getting on our collective nerves. In a random poll across the country I doubt that Brown would make double figures in the popularity stakes.

And we all thought it couldn't get any worse.


sexy said...
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James Higham said...

Is it that many people now?

Unknown said...


G Broon is irrelevant now. He is simply keeping the seat warm for the next PM. Looks very likely that it will be D Cameron.

Tory UK Government is exactly what Scotland needs. Big Eck will spend the remainder of his first term reminding Scotland what the last Tory government done to Scotland. Hopefully, enough of the Labour sheep (the ones who vote Labour simply because they are not the Tory's) will vote for the SNP at the Scottish Elections and Big Eck can get on with delivering exactly what Scotland needs to move forward - INDEPENDENCE!!

Richard Havers said...

Kev, oh that it was that simple. No doubt the Torries will win, and no doubt the SNP will have even more MPs in London. That's where the fun will start. They will quite like their jobs in Westminster and will not be anxious to return to the wee parliament in Edinburgh. . .even if they could. Added to which there's the small matter of a referendum.

Just how big a percentage of the vote did the SNP get at the European elections?

Unknown said...


Percentage was higher than the rest! ;-)


Watch it all!!!

Richard Havers said...

Yes but a lot, lot less than the rest put together. Independence is not first past the post!

What would you think a referendum would need to be 60%?

Big ask. . .