Sunday, June 14, 2009

Celebrity Politics TV Anyone?

Muriel Gray knows a thing or two about the telly so it's very revealing what she has written in the Herald on Sunday about Alan Sugar's appointment as 'business tsar' – whatever the hell that is. No one in their right mind can honestly believe that Sugar can do anything for British business; he is after all just a TV presenter. However, what his appointment is ultimately all about is the mindlessness of Brown and his henchman Lord Mandy.

Most damning of all in Ms Gray's piece is this. "Nothing wrong with any of that. It's a terrific show. Sugar does what he's told by the producers, appears to follow a script as he often stumbles over the words, and is probably, if other reality shows are the benchmark, told by the production team which contestant to fire each week."

Read the whole thing and weep for what a nonsense this government has become. Maybe instead of elections we should have Simon Cowell and half a dozen other celebrity judges should help select our politicians. Pick our Politicians or The Ballot Box on the box? We'd probably get more people voting and would they be any less competent or qualified?


James Higham said...

I thought Mandelson was the new 'tsar'?

fixmymac said...

Celebrity Politics might be a good idea.

The Cabinet members are simply mouthpieces for their respective departments - nothing more!

Maybe it would be a good thing to have a disposable celeb face, so that they can simply be replaced with whoever is in fashion, when something goes wrong on their watch.

If they were anything more than a public face to their departments, they surely could not be replaced so quickly when one of them has to 'spend more time with their family'.

Think about it....

If Chantelle in Corporate Finance decides to resign on Monday, you wouldn't replace her with Betty from HR. Even if old Betty was good at sums and once worked in a bakers where she had to add up the bills with a pencil on the back of the paper bag.

Surely you would want to find someone who has done the job before and has a proven track record.

It is the product of the department that is important, not the public face of it.

fixmymac said...


Percentage was higher than the rest! ;-)

Watch it all!!!