Friday, May 22, 2009

Ryanair's Results as bad as British Airways?

British Airways losses this year are large, but none too surprising given what has happened in the last 12 months, although if I were Willie Walsh I'm not sure I would have gone on the BBC and said there were absolutely no signs of any recovery. Still, we shall see.

In a few weeks the Ryanair results will be published; all may not be good at Michael Gerard Joseph Mary O'Leary's low cost carrier. Last year the airline made a profit of Euros 481 million, despite a loss of euros 101M in the 4th quarter, that's the one ending in March 2008. This year Ryanair, up until the end of the third quarter is showing a cumulative profit of euro 134M, compared to 582 million in 2008. Ryanair's full year results are due out in June and it's hard not to believe that they will not be showing a loss for the full year. It could be anything – 50 million Euros, 100 million. . . what am I bid?

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