Friday, May 22, 2009

Could We Have Some Government Again Soon?

Nadine Dorries on Today this morning can be heard HERE.

Several points.
• Nadine Dorries has turned herself into a bit of a media turn. . . it may well back-fire
• This morning she argued her case pretty well against the questioning
• However, she, like a number of MPs has to 'get' the mood of the country a little more. Saying that it's a McCarthy style witch hunt is not credible.
• She also has to be careful arguing the 'we are worth this much (salary + allowances)' so we shouldn't be attacked.
• I think she has some good points to make, but the arrogance of some MPs and I'm thinking of the likes of Hoon, Darling, Blears here, Ministers who expect people to do as they are told, when they are totally comfortable with flipping their homes and making money as a result, is not going to wash.
• Ms Dorries in in the kitchen and the heat having been turned up is finding it difficult to cope with it. Nobody was dragged kicking and screaming to be on the ballot paper. There is just the hint of hypocrisy in all this.

Having said all that, would many of us have done any different to what it appears the majority of MPs have done? I think not. Most of us would have been lining up to line our pockets. However, that's what leadership is about, and it's what ministers just don't seem to grasp. If you get the big gigs then you have to be above reproach. Gordon Brown going on TV saying, "I was the only one trying to get this problem fixed" is absurd. He now won't deal with his ministers who flipped and flapped and milked the system. He cannot sack Hazel Blears because it would begin the domino effect.

As in all such situations we shall see some good people go from politics; however, we have needed the system to be fixed for a long while. We can but hope that the fires of the public's outraged indignation will burn themselves out soon. We need our politicians to get back to the job of government.

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