Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mandy Watch 4

The Baron of Foy and Hartlepool has the ability to say things that just sound so crass and irritating. According the Mail today he said. "I know my job and I am intending to go on with it for the sake of my country and my government." But there's worse. On his trip to Moscow he's staying at a the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel in a £5,500 suite - not of course that either he or the government are paying that. We're paying a mere £860 a night; he's just been upgraded.

Now you'd be right in thinking £860 that seems like still a lot of money. Well the rest of the delegation are staying in a £300 hotel but that's not good enough for his Lordship. A spokesman said the Baltschug Kempinski had been chosen for " for security reasons," and the fact that it was close to meeting venues. Mind you he could have stayed at the Embassy for nothing as prime ministers have done in the past, but that was "noisy."


James Higham said...

His piss taking s not clever and his time is coming.

Richard Evans said...

Ha ha! I just checked to see how much a double room for five days in November would be – a snip at around £1,500.00 a night.

Give me a noisy British Embassy for free! The wine cellar's probably better there too.

r morris said...

I've never even paid the American equivalent of 50 pounds for a hotel.
what are these hotels like that these rich beesters stay in?