Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is John Prescott value for money?

Just to return to the Prescott TV license fee money laundering scam for a moment. Is it any wonder we're in such a mess with our television and the BBC in particular. Here's Prescott being paid half of what he gets a year as an MP for a two part TV show. Value for money? I don't think so. . .on either count.


Anonymous said...

I caught part of John Prescott's programme last night.

To me, the highlight of it all was the young "lady" asking him who Gordon Brown was...

Richard Evans said...

. . . and Pauline Prescott saying"Here, I hope we don't look like the Hamiltons".

The Telegraph said it was worth watching if only to see Prescott making plenty of rope to hang himself – which he did in coils!