Monday, July 07, 2008

What's for Dinner Nanny?

So the Prime Minister has spoken. Apparently we in Britain must stop wasting food in an effort to help combat rising living costs. According to our brave and in-touch leader "unnecessary" purchases are contributing to price hikes, and he’s urged us to plan meals in advance and store food properly. According to a Cabinet Office study the average UK household throws away £8 of leftovers a week.

Now I’ve no doubt the study is right and we do waste food, although whether it’s precisely £8 I’m not sure. However, what is daft is the PM actually making such statements. If he stopped and thought for a minute it might be that rising sales is actually stopping prices from rising. Clearly it is stupid to throw away food, but unlike our PM, who has his life run for him, in the average household there are all sorts of reasons why food is chucked out. Far better the government tackled the business of producing more at home, lessening the food miles, ensuring our supermarkets didn’t sell cheap fatty chickens, tackled the obesity crisis in schools with more exercise for kids….I could go on….and on. I did use to think that Tone was the Nanny in chief, but Gordon leaves him standing. His utterances on almost everything show he’s been in power too long, he’s lost his way and it’s no good him keep saying, “As I go around the country talking to people.” He doesn’t! He sits in Downing Street and is increasingly beleaguered.

p.s. What Gordon Brown knows about leadership is not worth knowing, he just doesn't have a clue on what it takes to be a leader.

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Colin Campbell said...

My dad, who grew up during the war, rations and all always ate everything regardless of whether he liked it. I have a bit of that, but our kids pick and chose, depending on the weather.

I am not sure this kind of lecturing is going to change things very much.