Monday, July 07, 2008

Owlet Roosting

According to Mrs H who has just called The Barn Owl Trust, they said. "It will learn there are better places to roost, the main thing at the moment is that he is dry." For some reason she thinks that it is a 'he'. There's still another in the nest, so fingers crossed for that one.


Marlene said...

Now come along Mr Havers, owlet on picture must be a male, several reasons why:

1. a she wouldn't have fallen out of the box in the first place (however, the other owlet could be a female and she pushed him out)

2. a she would not have roosted where this one is roosting as it would have ruined her hair

I was sure you would have know this!!!

r morris said...

LOL. I love it, Marlene.

Richard Havers said...

Rob, don't encourage her, she'll be claiming that women can multi-task next

r morris said...


Colin Campbell said...

Why did the Owl Howl
Because the Woodpecker Woodpecker.

My kids like that one. Growing up in the Scottish countryside there was always some part of the ecosystem doing something interesting.

Richard Evans said...

Richard, according to the Daily Telegraph this morning, most teenagers would identify that thing sitting on your wall as a Dalek.