Friday, July 25, 2008

Spot The Difference....

This is what Gordon Brown this morning.

"I think what people want to know is that we understand and we hear their concerns. People are worried every time they go to the petrol station for fuel and worry about the costs... These are concerns that are happening in every other country. My whole focus and whole task is to take people through difficult times...We've got to listen and hear people's concerns and that's exactly what we are doing. I'm getting on with the job. My task is getting on with the job. It's exactly what people want me to do."

Well heaven’s above, talk about a broken record. This is what he said after Crewe and Nantwich - two months ago.

“The message we are getting is people are concerned. They are concerned about food prices, concerned about petrol prices and concerned about what is happening to the economy. The message of the British public is clear and unequivocal. They want us to address these challenges. The task that I have set for myself is that we take this economy through difficult times into a future where we have both fairness for all and prosperity for the British people. That is the challenge I am going to meet for the British people.”

Spot the difference? What’s he done since. Swanned around the world acting the global statesman while the focus needs to be here at home. If you don’t tend your own back garden no one else will. This is why Brown is no leader. He's bereft of ideas and he hasn't the ability to give people confidence.


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder just how bad things get for Labour before the penny drops about Gordon Brown.

It's one thing for a leader to be disliked but when that leader has become little more than a joke, he'll almost certainly pull the party down with him.


hatfield girl said...

Should he call a general election ever (which I am beginning to doubt), he will still be turning up for work at 4am claiming the votes didn't matter, he's getting on with the job....... and wondering who all these tories are, cluttering up his office.

Andrew Allison said...

Either the Labour Party will get rid of him, or the electorate will. You can tell he is not a leader. I have said that for over 10 years.