Friday, July 25, 2008

Labour Lions Being Led By Donkeys?

I would have bet against an SNP victory in Glasgow. I thought there would be a big closing of the gap but not a swing of that extent. Clearly the SNP will hail this as a vote for independence and become even more bullish about the prospect of breaking away from England. However, the reality may be a little more complex and the future a lot less certain. 

There's little doubt that this was all about being anti, a Brown led government. His leadership style, if you can call it a 'style', is all about detachment, distancing one's self from things, while this was a campaign that Alex Salmond embraced and got out there to fight. There's no doubt that it was a superb effort by the SNP and credit to them for fighting such a good fight, but they will not find it so easy to pull it off across Scotland. Indeed, if independence ever happened there would be no MPs in Westminster. In the meantime we're in for an increase in the rhetoric from the First Minister but when the reality sets in, things will probably work out very differently. Not least of all because this will send a splinter up the bottom of Labour back benchers. 

Gordon Brown is not the solution, he's the problem - that and his bunch of lightweight cabinet ministers who just don't get what politics is all about. Can you imagine this happening with the likes of John Reid and Prezza on the team? They would have been battling in the way that Labour have traditionally done best. Our current crop of Labour so-called heavyweights in their sharp suits and TV smiles just think they have to go on the Andrew Marr show and the Today programme and all will be well. Frankly there's not a lot of attention paid to such programmes in Glasgow East and many, so called, Labour strongholds. This may not be Gordon Brown's Waterloo but he is certain to come under extreme pressure. God help the Labour MPs in the marginal seats across the UK, but then again, God helps them that help themselves. For me Labour MPs are no lions, but they're certainly being led by donkeys. 

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