Saturday, February 02, 2008

Day Trip to Edinburgh Through The Lammermuir Hills

I had to go to Edinburgh on Friday morning - the dentist, a haircut, and shopping. This morning it was snowing when I left home and so I took the Landrover to be sure to get over the hill and if anything did happen the damage wouldn't be so costly! Driving over the moor was just awful, it was a white out for several miles but knowing the road so well has its advantages. Coming back late this afternoon I got as far as Gifford where the signs were up to say the road was closed. What to do? I thought I'd risk it as to turn around and go back another way would have taken another hour. I pressed on and made it, although I didn't pass another car all the way home - 14 miles.

This was the worst bit, which in reality was no trouble in the Landrover. For those worried about the safety of taking pictures from the car, I was stopped. With nothing else on the roads it was a no-risk. I don't want to get harangued like one of those Youtubers filming themselves at 120 mph!


r morris said...

This is so beautiful, Richard. Sounds like a memorable trip. I just got back from driving to Rigby, Idaho to co-sign my daughter's car-loan. The roads have two inches of ice on top of them, the back roads that is, similar to the one you drove. It was so bad that I came back on the highway, and though it was ten miles farther, I did it in less time.
What is the speed limit on this road? Ours is fifty mph on the back roads and 65 on the highway. 75 on the interstate, but I never drive that.
My little '85 Honda plows through ice and snow like it has 4WD.

Trubes said...

Hello Mr Havers, Oh, how I love the snow. Although it`s not good to drive in, however, it`s lovely to look at and play in, particularly, with the grandchildren. We`ve had a light dusting this morning, but it`s gone again. Boo Hoo!