Saturday, February 02, 2008

Channel 4 News is a Joke.

I've just watched Channel 4's news and it was appalling. The lead story was from Kenya and featured their senior reporter Lindsey Hilsum. She arrived by helicopter in an area about 100 west of Nairobi at which there was a huge mob of Africans, many of whom were brandishing bows and arrows, and machetes. This apparently is an area where there had been some tribal violence, possibly killings. Channel 4's reporter referred to these people as 'Warriors'. They were not warriors they were a mob. If it was a group of youths and men in Britain doing similarly how would they have been described? Channel 4's agenda driven news is a disgrace.


Richard Evans said...

Richard, it brings to mind the late Adam Faith's final words as he lay on his deathbed. Turning to his carer he said "Channel 5's a load of f******g crap, isn't it?" and promptly died.

Richard Havers said...

He kept the faith?