Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spam and Chips?

Bryan Appleyard has an interesting post about whether or not the blogosphere overartes its own importance. Well yes of course it does but there is at least, to my mind, an increasing amount of traditional media news that originated from a blog or the wider web. It led me to think of the old adage, Today's newspaper, tomorrow's chip paper' What would the modern equivalent be? Today's email, tomorrow's spam?


r morris said...

I think some in the blogophere over-estimate their importance---that's why it's important to read the blogosphere selectively. I have found many fall into one of two categories: first, those who have an extremist political axe to grind and are 100% sure they are right; and two, those who feel that everyone is interested in their lives, though their lives consist of blogging and little else.
I avoid all blogs that fit into one or both of the above.

Anonymous said...

Todays blogosphere, tomorrow's troposphere