Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gigs That We Missed No.19 - Queen + Genesis

I usually went to Ewell Tech for every gig in 1971 but somehow missed this one - I probably had no money after lavishing expensive gifts on family and friends! I did later DJ with Flying Fortress at the Redhill and Reigate Arts Workshop. Of course they were the only band at the Tech who didn't become famous!


Just spoken to a friend who booked Kevin Ayers at another gig around this time. The only thing on his rider was six bottles of Matteus Rose....apparently Kevin worked his way through most of them and then found mounting the stage to be beyond him.


r morris said...

Queen and Genesis? What strange bedfellows for a gig.
I'd like to know more about Flying Fortress, since I'm a B-17 fan.

Richard Havers said...

Flying Fortress had a better name than they were a band Rob. Although Mitch Mitchell drummed with them at the Redhill & Reigate Arts Workshop. I was two feet from his drum kit and he was a delight to behold. More info on the band I don't have.