Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Before They Were Famous No.7 - Led Zeppelin

This was from the Melody Maker of 11th January 1969


Bobby said...

Melody Maker was one of the very few publications that recognized the revolutionary potential of the embryonic Led Zeppelin. But even they didn't realize they were witnessing the birth of the greatest of all rock bands.

Richard Havers said...

Bobby, what are you saying? Even greater than the greatest rock and roll band in the world?


r morris said...

Few bands can hold a candle to the Stones, I agree. Led Zep is one of them, though I still give the Stones the edge.

How exciting that they are considering going on tour again. If they come within a thousand miles of here, I'm going, and the hell with the cost (which will be considerable, no doubt).

Mr. Wilson was quite prescient in his review!

jams o donnell said...

Ha! with hindsight that article seems so understated!