Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Third Person Perfect? The Donald

Roger over at Celtic Lion has alerted me to some brilliant work by 'the Donald' and his people - those brave and daring souls that we've come to know as 'Team Trump'. Trump Golf Scotland is the place. The opening photos show just how lovely the dunes on the Aberdeenshire coast, where the Donald plans to build the two best courses in the world, can look on a sunny day. When the opening sequence ends there's a letter from the Donald, at least I think it's a letter because it's signed by none other than the great man himself. It opens with this paragraph

"Donald J. Trump is the ultimate definition of the American success story, with his interests in real estate, gaming, entertainment and sports, where he has built a number of world-class golf facilities. His newest golf-related project takes him to Scotland, the home of golf and the country where his mother was born."

It's litle wonder that Ivana (the former Mrs. Trump) referred to the great man as 'The Donald'. He clearly sees himself in the third person too.

It goes onto say.

"The project will only strengthen Mr. Trump’s connection to Scotland, where his mother grew up in a simple croft (a small agricultural land unit found in northern Scotland) on the Island of Lewis in Stornoway."

Excuse me for being cynical but that's pure tosh. The 'letter' goes on to talk about all the developments that DJT has around the world, you'd be forgiven for thinking he owns Manhattan after you read it. Strangely there's no mention anywhere on this web site of the houses that he plans to build in Aberdeenshire.

The letter finishes with a flourish.

"An accomplished author, Mr. Trump’s fifth book, How to Get Rich: Big Deals from the Star of The Apprentice, became an immediate bestseller on all lists."

It's currently at 538,543 on Amazon UK


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