Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cleggy Drops A Clanger

The Liberals really are a daft bunch. Their new leader, wimpy 'Norman' Clegg, has hired Brian Eno, rock musician (of sorts -Ed) to act as an adviser on 'youth issues' and to help him fix Britain's "broken politics". Apparently this move is 'part of his mission to engage people "beyond Westminster" in politics.'

Is he stark raving mad? Brian Eno is fifty nine years old - so quite what he knows about youth issues I know not. Apart from being a member of Roxy Music and working with Bowie on his Berlin Trilogy of albums, Mr E. has been called the father of ambient music. There's no doubting Brian Eno's intelligence and his commitment, especially as an anti Iraq war figure but what's Cleggy up to getting him involved? It's our 'celebrity culture' mixed with a view that seems common in politics that people who have become famous in their field can somehow magically fix things in other fields. 'Government' and 'Opposition of all the talents'? What about the people we vote for and the Civil service?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, I agree. Clegg must be mad! And what an uninspiring acceptance speech he gave - I was so agog with boredom.

Colin Campbell said...

Peter Garrett has not exactly covered himself in glory as Environment Spokesmen and has been effectively sidelined on many important issues normally related to his brief. He is still very popular with many voters, regardless because of his music career.