Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Nay My Fault

A 62 year old woman who admitted drinking at least 14 vodkas (she says she lost count after 14) as she celebrated the new millennium has been awarded £7,000 in damages after she fell into a stream while first-footing. She sued Aberdeenshire Council for damages after she tripped over a dilapidated fence bordering the stream, fracturing her spine. Her lawyer had agreed with Aberdeenshire Council that £35,000 was a reasonable estimate for the loss and injury but Sheriff Kiernan McLernan ruled that Mrs Trueman was 80 per cent responsible for the accident and reduced her damages award to £7,000. According to the woman. "I deserve a lot more money. The past few years have been hell, and it's the council's fault." It’s yet another example of a world where personal responsibility is being taken out of the equation. The daft drunk should not have got a penny.


r morris said...

These idiots cost the rest of us a fortune in insurance fees and have created such a highly litigeous society that eventually everything will either be banned or posted with warning signs. Already, coffee containers bear warnings that contents may be hot for those too dumb to figure it out for themselves.

Trooper Thompson said...

Ridiculous business. The council didn't hold her down and pour those vodkas down her gullet.