Thursday, December 06, 2007


Aberdeen City Council is to allow the public another chance to vote on the design of a statue to commemorate Robert the Bruce following claims that the previous round of voting was "flawed". Meanwhile Aberdeenshire Council has rejected Trumparama by 8 votes to 7. What's interesting in all this is the fact that there are 40 councillors. Now it seems to me that something so significant should be decided upon by the whole council.

Meanwhile the Scotsman is running the headline 'Rejecting Trump's golf resort 'would deter global investment in Scotland' after a number of MSPs have branded the council as loony (or words to that effect). I have no doubt that it will be a blip on the graph of inward investment if it is rejected, but there seems little chance that it will be. More to the point is will it be a success. methinks Trump is bringing a US style golf resort and hosing complex to the UK and I'm not so sure the model will prove effective. Still it is his money....

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